Manson and Lily

David conducted the wedding of Manson and Lily at Shed 29, Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club on 20 September 2013.

Lily and Manson 2Lily and Manson 3

Lily and Manson 4

Manson and Lily wedding party4

Shed 29 outsideA beautiful spot for an intimate wedding looking out over the marina.


Manson writes ...

'I have already told families and friends how I had such a great Marriage Celebrant. David's attention to details, his wealthy experience in conducting marriage ceremonies and his warm personality all helped making our wedding as perfect as it was.

My wife did not know what I had planned for our wedding day, and it was not until the moment when our marriage ceremony was about to start, that she met David - a genial welcome and smile from David when Lily walked in Shed 29, immediately put Lily at ease. David spoke the very first words for Lily and I as we were married, with sincerity, closeness, and we all felt truly blessed by David's speech.

We'd like to thank David once again for his wonderful service.'

Shed 29 inside



Above photos courtesy of Jo Moore Photography